One of our core strengths is merchandising by a committed and dedicated team:

  • Proactive.
  • Committed and dedicated to work.
  • Strong in communication and follow up.
  • Maintain and track order status through OPS (Order Progress Schedule).
  • Risk analysis at sample stage to minimize technical problem.
  • Ensure timely submissions to maintain delivery in the given lead-time.
  • Equipped with technical knowledge how for troubleshooting.
  • Constantly involved with the QA and QC team to ensure correct sample submission and bulk production.
  • Regularly update the buyer on the sample / production status.
  • Review each and every submission to ensure that the buyer’s requirements are understood and fulfilled.
  • Keep track of orders from placement till delivery.
  • We share business, process and technology with our Buyer.
  • We work as your Eyes and ears.